Amazing Cargo Trailer Conversions

Here’s a few of our favorite YouTube channels with a lot of information on amazing cargo trailer conversions. We learned a lot by watching these channels and they really helped when we built out our 6×10 cargo trailer.

GONAGIN: This channel has a lot of information on a variety of topics related to cargo trailer builds, equipment, etc., as well as their travels and living on a budget (right in line with what we’re trying to do). Look at the upper right hand side of the video about and you’ll see a button next to the “Share” button – click that to see a list of all of the videos in their cargo trailer playlist! He has over 350 videos with a lot of information!

WAYSOUTBACK: This channel is based in Ontario, Canada and he (Zac) has a lot of information on his 6×10 cargo trailer build including electrical, plumbing, etc. Our build wasn’t this detailed, but then again it’s much colder in Canada than it is in Louisiana (or Tennessee), so we didn’t have to deal with the same issues in our basic build. The videos are very informative and we learned alot! As with the first video, click on the button next to the “Share” button to see the videos in the playlist.

JOEL TREMBLAY: This is a very talented guy (intern Architect) in Canada who has built out a cargo trailer that keeps him warm in the coldest of days. He shows step-by-step how to design one and includes a lot of information. He also has hunting and fishing videos, so that’s a plus too!

I’ll add more videos and links soon, but these two will give you some really good information!

Here’s a link to our CARGO TRAILER BUILDS on YOUTUBE! Considering a Solar Generator for your cargo trailer? Here’s our review of the Jackery 1000!

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