Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

We were amazed at the beauty of Big Bend National Park and decides to stay there a few days! Day one focused on the east side of the park and we opted to stay at the RV park at Rio Grande Village. It’s was $37 and there was wifi access available (though we had to walk over and stand next to the building), but it was a great night and we’ll worth it (since we initially intended to be there just one day and realized it would be impossible!).

Day One included hiking the Boquillas Canyon and walking along the Rio Grande! It was amazingly beautiful and we spent just about all day there. We also hiked the nature trail near the RV park and it turned out to be incredible, as well! There are other hikes to do in the area, but our old bones haven’t worked back up to that much exercise yet.

Day Two started out at Panther Junction, the park headquarters, then continued west to the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. From there we drove south and stopped at the Sam Nail Ranch, then continued on to Castolon and Santa Elena Canyon. The beauty of that canyon is hard to describe – it’s a thin area between two massive mountains that go up almost straight into the sky! The temperature there was about 10 degrees cooler than outside, so I’m sure that is wonderful in the summer (we were there in February, so not so much). The vistas along the drive were incredible and our hike along the canyon was amazing. We also hiked the Lower Burro Mesa Trail and that one is a must if you visit Big Bend!

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! We are just getting started with this so I am sure we have plenty of room for improvement!


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