Great Basin National Park

Great Basin

Great Basin National Park is located in Baker, Nevada and is quite a drive, but it is absolutely worth a visit! We drove up from Las Vegas and it took about 5 hours, so make sure you prepare for a long and desolate drive. We camped (for free) at the Sacramento Pass site (you can find it on Campendium) and it was great. It snowed a little overnight but our trusty generator kept us warm.

We drove out to the Osceola and Black Horse ghost towns, which are very close to the Sacramento Pass camp site. Osceola is now private property, so there isn’t much you can do. Black Horse is not much more than an area with old boards, wire and broken bottles, but it was still pretty cool to see the history of the place. After that we drove over to Great Basin National Park, which was less than 15 miles away. We were there in late March and it was still very cold with snow on the ground, but it is easy to see that the park is absolutely amazing! We did several hikes and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. We definitely want to go back the next time we’re out west, but hopefully it will be during the warmer months.

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