It Was A Challenge To Hike To Sand Canyon’s Ancient Pueblos!

If you’re looking for a scenic hike with historical significance, then check out the Sand Canyon Trail near Cortez, Colorado! It was a challenge to hike to Sand Canyon’s Ancient Pueblos, but trail is a great way to explore the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. It starts just west of Cortez (you can start on the north end, but we chose to start from the south end as most of the cliff dwellings on the southern half of the trail), and there is a large parking area available.

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Bring Plenty of Water!

You’ll reach the first ancient structure within the first quarter mile of the hike at Castle Rock Pueblo. One of the structures we saw there is not typical in that it is a square structure (like more recent Hopi architecture) as opposed to the typical round kiva.

One thing to remember before you get too far down the trail – bring plenty of water! You’re exposed to the sun most of the time and the sun beats you up pretty bad! Also keep in mind this is a 6 mile out, 6 mile back trail. For that reason we decided to hike to the 3 mile point (so it would be 6 miles round trip). You will see 7-8 structures by that point, so we decided to turn around and head back to our truck before we passed the point of no return!

Amazing Ancient Structures

I have to say again that it was a challenge to hike to Sand Canyon’s Ancient Pueblos, but the structures you’ll see are simply amazing! They’ve been there for nearly a thousand years (based on studies of the pottery and other material found in the structures during several excavations)! From Saddlehorn Pueblo to Corn Cob House, Sunny Alcove to the Two Story House, the structures you’ll see are incredible pieces of history (so don’t damage them!).

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