Our 6×10 Cargo Trailer Build Is Complete!

Cargo Trailer Complete

We’ve finished with our 6×10 Cargo Trailer Build and we’re ready to hit the road!

We’ve actually already hit the road and the Cargo Trailer (we’ve nicknamed “Dusty”) is doing great! As I’m writing this we’ve already been on the road several weeks and are having the time of our lives! The videos will be up soon, but part of our journey includes lots of time boondocking and minimal time with decent access to the internet (hence, delay in actually posting videos).

We’re working on being a little more organized during the trip (ok, that would be me), but Cupcake is helping me with keeping track of what I need to be doing and doing it consistently. Here’s a few things that might help you if you have a cargo trailer camper!

  • Check your wheels to make sure the lug nuts are secure/tight before you get on the road. We haven’t had any issues so far, but it’s a good thing to do.
  • When hooking up your trailer to your vehicle, make a list (at least initially) to ensure you’re hooking up the vehicle consistently.
    • Here’s my list when we’re leaving:
      • Secure trailer ball and lock it (I have a lock)
      • Attach chains
      • Attach wiring harness to connect trailer to truck
      • Double check to make sure pin is in trailer hitch and it is securely attached
      • Check all lug nuts on wheels. Also, make sure tires are inflated properly.
      • Check side and rear doors to make sure they are closed properly and locked.
    • Here’s my list when we’re dropping the trailer (to stay in it several days before moving):
      • Lock chains together (I padlock the chains together tightly to minimize the chance someone could use them to connect to their vehicle, if they tried to steal it)
      • Lock the trailer ball lock in place (will also help dissuade anyone trying to steal it)
      • Lock trailer hitch lock
      • We also use inexpensive level bubbles to find the level points for side to side and front to back. We use jacks on the back (and front, if necessary) to ensure the trailer won’t move.
      • Remove the lock bar for the side door and padlock the hinge on the door (so we can’t be locked in).

That’s about it. If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know!

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