Our Cargo Trailer Conversion!

We’ve been using our cargo trailer as a camper for quite a while now and it’s only getting better – we’re loving our cargo trailer conversion! So far it has about 20,000 miles on it and we’ve had very few issues. There have been no leaks (fingers crossed), have had to replace the tires once (so far, but that was expected), and soon we’ll replace our fenders (the plastic/chrome ones are cracked and loose). We’ll have a video for that soon! Thanks for stopping by and we’re able to provide good information for your cargo trailer conversion dreams!

So about a year ago we decided to purchase a 6×10 enclosed cargo trailer with a plan to convert it to a very basic travel trailer. We designed a basic floorplan and with virtually no real experience built out the cargo trailer and we’ve been so happy with the results. Even though the total living space is only 60 square feet (actually about 50 square feet the way we did it), it has been more than enough to get us through a 4 month, 15,000 mile journey all over the western US. While we thought it would be a once in a lifetime journey, we’ve decided it’s how we want to spend the rest of our lives. We do have a few obstacles in the way (money, bills, etc.), but we’re working on addressing that and are actively working on a plan to get back on the road as soon as possible.

When we started this journey we started posting to YouTube to just keep track of where we’ve been and to allow friends and relatives to “join us”. We’ve had an amazing time putting videos together of our travels, but since the trip we’ve expanded to other areas – off grid living and building, cooking, reviews, and more. I’ve been slow (i.e., lazy) in posting videos on this website, so I used a few plug-ins so visitors could easily access our YouTube channel and Instagram feeds. I plan on posting a lot more “actual” content (with words and stuff), rather than a link to a video with a very short description.

We’re pretty consistent with our YouTube channel, currently posting a new video every Friday. In the past we posted several times a week, but that became a little overwhelming. We’ll be working hard to improve our content and the quality of our videos (just using IMovie, though I’d love to learn how to use other programs or methods to increase the quality of our videos), so we hope you’ll stick with us on this journey.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cupcake (Melissa) and Cornbread (Todd)

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