Our New Floorplan in our 6×10 Cargo Trailer Conversion

cargo trailer conversion

Our new floorplan in our 6×10 cargo trailer conversion is the best design yet! It features a raised bed with lots of storage underneath, a kitchen area in the rear of the conversion, a shower, fold down table, lots of storage in the front of the conversion, and even an air conditioner! The floorplan allows for easy movement and the vast amount of storage helps us keep everything organized and in its place for travel! We actually headed out of another multi-month adventure last week and we intend to be on the road until at least August – we’ll update as the adventure continues!

This cargo trailer design is our favorite (of the 3 we’ve tried so far) because of it’s simplicity, organization, and comfort. We can take showers whenever we wish thanks to our Reliance Shower System, easy access to water (we keep about 12 gallons of water with us at all times), and drain system that eliminates loss of any gray water on the ground. Our bed features a full-sized mattress and multiple IKEA cabinets underneath for plenty of storage. Cornbread built a small fold down table that he uses as a desk for the computer or writing, while also building storage into the outside wall of the shower for all of our battery packs, lights, and more. He also built an insulated water tube that holds 3.2 gallons of water that uses the power of the sun to heat up so we can return to our cargo trailer at the end of a long hike and take a hot shower – Click Here to see that project!

Our 32″x32″ shower features tin walls and a 90 degree PVC shower road to ensure all the water stays in the shower. There’s also multiple levels of storage in the front end of the trailer for towels, clothes, and more. Backpacks hang from hooks on one side of the front wall, while our Portable AC sits below, ready for us when needed. Our 32″ TV hangs from the wall above the bed, with power from our Jackery 1000 or Champion Generator not far way. The rear kitchen features a small pantry tucked underneath the raised bed, with plenty of storage for all the necessities.

You can see each of our cargo trailer designs on our channel, including our initial design that kept us safe and comfortable for over 4 months on our initial trip out west. This design promises to be even more comfortable and we’re so happy with how it turned out. Let us know if you have any questions or comments – we’re sure we didn’t answer every question during the video, so let us know what you think!

Here are a few of the items we use with our cargo trailer conversion:

Rechargeable Puck Lights

Reliance Shower System

Coleman Single Burner Camp Stove

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner

Master Lock Tongue Hitch Lock

Watch Our Video To See The Details!

Cupcake and Cornbread – Would You Believe This Is A 6×10 Cargo Trailer Conversion?
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