Sparky’s Burgers & BBQ, Hatch, New Mexico


Sparky’s Burgers and BBQ in Hatch, New Mexico didn’t disappoint. We had heard and read of many recommendations to this restaurant, so when we finished up with our White Sands National Park visit we headed about an hour up I-15 to Hatch.

Sparky’s is located at the northwest corner of a busy intersection (however, it’s Hatch, New Mexico, so it’s not exactly Atlanta traffic on 285). The building has mascots on display from other eateries, with a mix of eclectic artwork and realistic aliens sitting on benches (jk). When it comes to their food, however, Sparky’s doesn’t play around.

I had a “World Famous” with green chiles (I think it’s mandatory that anything eaten in Hatch must include the famous green chile) and Cupcake had “The Oinker”. Both were absolutely delicious and we’ll definitely be stopping in again should our travels bring us back to Hatch!

Sparky’s in Hatch, New Mexico – DELICIOUS!
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