Tabasco Factory Tour on Avery Island, Louisiana

Today we’re taking the Tabasco Factory Tour on Avery Island, Louisiana. We’re from Louisiana so we’ve been to Avery Island many times – it’s almost a pilgrimage – but each time it’s better than the last! When you go make sure to have a delicious meal at 1868! Restaurant and visit the museum – they’re both worth the trip! Also, make sure to go across the street to Jungle Gardens to see amazing scenery in the bayou and tons of wildlife including alligators, deer, and thousands of beautiful birds in the bird sanctuary!

Tabasco Factory

Here’s a link to our FIRST VIDEO we did when we started on our adventure – Natchitoches, Louisiana! It’s an old town, very beautiful with lots of history. It’s a couple of hours north of Avery Island, but if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit!

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