Cargo Trailer Kitchen Galley Review

Cargo Trailer Complete

This our cargo trailer kitchen galley review, showing our basic design, how it has worked out for us so far, and what we might change going forward. We recently returned from a 4 month road trip where we camped and cooked in our cargo trailer almost every day. Our design is minimal – no plumbing, no electricity – but it has worked out amazingly well for us! We just wanted to show that you don’t have to have an intricate setup, with wires and hoses setup up throughout your cargo trailer. We wanted a low maintenance, functional and simple design, and that’s what we have!

Our Cargo Trailer conversion was completed in just a few weeks before our initial 4 month trip out to the western US where we visited over 25 National Parks and Monuments, state parks and amazing towns and more! We converted the cargo trailer to a camper because we wanted to travel lightly, didn’t want to spend money on an RV, and build out a cargo trailer to the exact specifications we wanted.

How it helped us enjoy our time on the road even more

Our 6×10 cargo trailer conversion with kitchen galley allowed us to have an amazing time on the road, staying primarily at BLM sites throughout the western US. We don’t think it’s necessary to have absolutely everything you want at your fingertips, that it’s alright to struggle at times. But I have to say that we truly didn’t struggle that much – yes, it was cold at times and we did have our difficult days, but the joy of being able to travel lightly, stay off grid for weeks at a time, and visit some of the most amazing places in the US, more than made up for the handful of challenges we faced. Plus, we can’t wait to hit the road again and hope to make it permanent very soon! If you have any questions, please let us know!

Here’s a link to our remodel of our cargo trailer – we made several changes!

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