We Remodeled Our Cargo Trailer!

We Remodeled Our Cargo Trailer! After having the time of our lives in the first design for over a year and a half we decided to make a few modifications. The initial design worked out great…to a point. The bed had to be set up and taken down every day (if we wanted to have a place to sit), the shower took up a lot of space that couldn’t be used for another purpose, and our desk space in the front of the cargo trailer ended up just being a “catch all” for every little thing we had. So after a little planning we designed a new layout and completely gutted the cargo trailer so we could start anew!

Our New Design

Our new design called for building out a bed in the rear of the trailer so we could sleep side to side about 3 feet above the floor of the trailer. We built out a cabinet (from Ikea) under the bed that would provide us with ample storage space. We also installed a small metal cabinet next to the larger one to hold our smaller items (and to fill the space to help secure the cabinets between the walls). That left us with a lot of space to easily access under the bed and included an area for even more cabinet space!

We also relocated our shower to the front of the cargo trailer while doing something a little out of the ordinary for our shower base. While we were at Ikea purchasing the large cabinet for under the bed, we found a discounted 17″x23″ sink. In Cornbread’s mind he saw the potential of standing in the sink to minimize the floor space while still being able to take a decent shower. Ultimately it was a challenge, but I think it turned out fairly well! We also have plenty of closet space in the front of the cargo trailer, as well as a 5000btu portable air conditioner (when we have access to electricity). Please watch the videos above and if you have any questions or comments, let me know (probably easiest to leave it in the comment of the YouTube video)!

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