Six Tips to make your Cargo Trailer Build Easier

Cargo Trailer Tips

Lots of people are starting to look at non-traditional options when considering RVs, motorhomes, vans, etc. With a very basic RV starting out about $15,000, many of us wanted to see if we might find other, more budget conscious, possibilities. Cupcake and I decided on a 6×10 enclosed cargo trailer and we did all the work ourselves – installed a galley kitchen in the back, 32’x32′ shower (with removable cassette toilet), room for a full-sized bed, ample closet space and a workspace. We’ve been on the road for several months now and enjoying every single day.

We wanted to post a few basic tips for anyone considering their own cargo trailer build to help make it a little easier. Some of these tips may seem obvious to some, but to others it may be just the information they needed. We hope the video helps and if you’d like more information on us, visit us on Instagram and YouTube (cupcakeandcornbread) or LIKE our page on Facebook!

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