Mayhill Cafe in Mayhill, New Mexico

Mayhill Cafe

Mayhill, New Mexico may not be on your regular drive to work, but it would be nice if we all had such a place to have such an amazing breakfast. Cupcake and I were just passing through on our way to Cloudcroft, NM, then onto Ruidoso, NM, when we decided to stop in for a quick breakfast. The breakfast we had was completely unexpected.

Breakfast Burrito from the Mayhill Cafe in Mayhill, New Mexico. DELICIOUS!

In a word…delicious. Most of us have had breakfast burritos before, some of us more than others (thanks Whataburger). But a breakfast burrito from a fast food place is nothing more than a pebble compared to the majestic and mountainous BREAKFAST BURRITO at Mayhill Cafe. Not to mention the taste – eggs, potatoes, bacon, green chile, and cheese, wrapped in a fresh tortilla and smothered with a green chile sauce – absolutely delicious!

We’re a thousand miles from Mayhill, New Mexico now, but the flavor of that simple breakfast food prepared by a cook who obviously knows their way around the kitchen, still brings a smile to our faces and a tug at our hungry bones. 😉

Thank you Mayhill Cafe!

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