Our New Journey

Cupcake and Cornbread

Cupcake and I are on a new journey. Having sold our home and looking to drastically simplify our life, we’ve decided to change a few things. OK, a lot of things. Click the link below to see the basics of who we are and where we’re going.

We look forward to our new adventures and hope you’ll come along!

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As I’m writing this it’s late November 2020, and we’re all tired and ready for a little bit of normal life to return. Cupcake and I are from South Louisiana and it’s been a challenging year. We both work in nursing homes and with the ever-present threat of COVID-19 and multiple evacuations due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, it’s just been a little much. So much so we decided it was prime time to change a few things, simplify our lives and see about going on those trips we’ve always talked about. Some may say our plan is a little drastic, but we’re confident in our ability to adjust and accept change.

Over the next few months, we’ll be taking some of the trips we put off for years and we thought you might like to join us on the journey. We are starting out with a few local videos, then moving on to trips across the Southwestern United States, doing some reviews of products we’ll be using along the way, and posting a few videos of Cupcake’s incredible recipes for a variety of foods (enhanced with serious amounts of Cajun goodness). When we return from the trip I’ll be starting on a project to build out a 6×12 enclosed trailer so we can see the rest of the country economically (but in style).

We’re also using this opportunity to take control of our health. You’ll see from the videos that we’re not exactly in shape, but we’re both committed to eating better and exercising, so there is no time like the present. The stress of the past year has impacted us significantly, but we’re not going to let it control us. We’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos over the past few months while we’ve been contemplating this change, and have set a challenge for ourselves: hike the Colorado Trail before the end of 2021. At 500 miles from Denver to Durango, Colorado, it definitely won’t be easy. We’ve watched Darwin on the Trail complete it averaging over 20 miles a day, but he is fit and actually knows what he is doing. Our goal is going to be about 10 miles a day with down days spread out through the hike – that would make for about a two-month hike/camp experience (that sounds amazing). We’re not going to make the health/weight loss part of our site, but we hope you’ll start seeing results in our videos over the next few months – hopefully, I can get down to just a double chin 😉

Thanks for visiting and we hope you’ll join us on the journey ahead!


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